Subject Re: [ib-support] Access Violation 'USER32.dll' extended info
( Third attempt at sending this - BTInternet is crap but
it's their phone bill ! )

> The system is
> Windows 2000 Pro, SP1
> Interbase 6.01 (not Firebird) ~ I haven’t gone to firebird as IB had
> been working without a hitch and I want to keep the architecture as set
> as possible
> IBX 4.62 Delphi 5 Update 1

I'll have to bow out at this point - I switched to Firebird
because of the remaining niggles in Interbase, and I never
even started using IBX, but a couple of comments.

> An issue which may be related is the problems in the tcp servers –
> sometimes (and it seems to be when Interbase is having the problems
> described above) these apps don’t shutdown when I click the close
> button/AltF4 .. they disappear from the taskbar but remain in the task
> manager process list, and even worse they block a reboot from occurring
> until I manually terminate every process that has done this .. if anyone
> can explain this I will be even more grateful (and feel the beginnings
> of relief, as you can imagine!)

As I said - USER32 errors are usually caused by something
other than IB/FB. The one thing I do still get is a problem
where an application will not shut. The fix that usually
works is to close the connection in the CanClose event,
trapping any error and working out what is wrong. It usually
relates to Windows trying to run events that are no longer
needed, but still try to access the connection.

> If there is any more information I can provide to help clarify the
> situation, I’ll be only too happy to do so :-) (as you can imagine!)

One of my main reasons for moving to IB6 was because of
orphan connections messing up the server. Now I monitor how
many connections are open, and flag when the max number goes
up. Since I have a fixed number of 'users' (dumb computers
without operators) this number should not change, and has
not this year, but still did with the earlier IB6 code.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services