Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Martijn Tonies
> >I am not 100% sure myself, but my wife works with it and says it can.
> >need to investigate though...
> Sure, SQL Server stored procedures are COOL. As long as they syntax-check
OK, they get written out in interpreter code and the next user can invoke
them straight away. They get precompiled "just-in-time" and any data
integrity or validation errors and logic bugs will present themselves to the
user for "in-line QA".
> No thanks.

lol - Oracle lets you do that too - modified a VIEW online once - great, we
thought, it works and I can select from it! Great... Closed down the ISDN
line and brought an entire company to a freeze...

Phone rang 5 minutes later :)

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