Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Ivan Prenosil
> From: Louis van Alphen
> Is your application a 24x7 ? If so, you need to schedule _some_ downtime
> when you update SPs. You only need to to disconnect all users and then
> reconnect again.

> From: Paul Beach
> ... a stored procedure is a shared compiled
> executable, when you modify a stored procedure don't expect the server to
> pick up the new version, jsut because it has been modified. Some database
> objects, modified stored procedures especially, only become available for
> use when the previous version of the stored procedure is no longer in use.
> You would need to disconnect from the database and re-connect before the old
> procedure was marked as no longer in use and the new modified procedure is
> available for use.

What are conditions to reproduce this "re-connect" behaviour ?

I just created SP that assigns a value to return parameter (and with some other
commands inside, like insert statement, input parameters, etc...)
then in one application I prepared it and executed,
and also executed it in wisql.
Then I altered the procedure to return different value.
Both applications (with already prepared statement, or with execute_immediate)
always return the value corresponding to new version of SP.
No difference whether I use local connection or tcp/ip. IB6.0.1 Windows.

So, how should I reproduce it?
Is it already fixed problem, or am I doing something wrong ?