Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Paul Schmidt

On 12 Oct 2001, at 7:54, lester@... wrote:

> > >> Incidently, do you have any idea what the cross section
> > > > Delphi and IB users are? Or are the only IB user Delphi users?
> > I use FB with VisualC++ at the moment, I was introduced to it, via
> > looking for a good but inexpensive database that runs on a number of
> And a lot of us still rely on Builder !
> But the next step is to get Kylix to actually work and dump
> Muckrosoft altogether.

I looked at Builder a couple of versions ago, and I was not
impressed, it also needed a lot more resources, VC++ still runs on
some pretty anemic hardware, where as Builder doesn't. I need to
also watch for my clients hardware, the Builder runtime libraries are
bigger, so a client with low-end hardware may run into trouble on
some of the lowest-end machines. As for Kylix, call the Guiness
world record people, it gets the record for the highest hardware
requirement of any Linux application, ever. Even StarOffice has
lower requirements.

Don't get me wrong Microsoft isn't perfect either, I just work with a
bunch of different products from different vendors and make them all
play nice together.

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