Subject Backup / restore problem
Author Paul Poulain
Hi !

yesterday, I changed a stored proc in a firebird DB, adding 2 input
parameters where there was no.

This morning, as every morning, we looked at the automatic backup/restore
which... failed during restore.

The error message is 'invalid BLR at...'. And this happends while restoring
the stored proc.

it's not the first time this happends : we modify something in the
structure of the DB (add or drop a row in a table...), and, no more
possibilities to restore a backup...
Is there a known bug in modifying IB structure.

Note : we also dump the structure in a SQL file, and this worked fine this
Platform : Firebird running on RedHat 6.2 (PIII-450 IDE disk), all acces
are done by a user INTERBASE, which is owner of the DB