Subject Re: [ib-support] Changing Installation path in AIX without making a link
Author John Bellardo

On Tuesday, October 9, 2001, at 01:05 AM, ignace.martin@...

> I am installing Firebird CS 0.9.4 on a AIX 4.3 server.
> As the Server is clustered, I have to install interbase in the path
> /appli1/own/usr/interbase in place of /usr/interbase
> We have changed the install script to reflect this new path and added
> a
> <<INTERBASE=/appli1/own/usr/interbase>> variable in /etc/profile,
> /etc/dtprofile .... That works locally : I can open an isql
> transaction. But
> I cannot connect remotely from a Winnt workstation via inetd, getting
> the
> error : "cannot find password database".
> When I create the link /usr/interbase pointing
> to /appli1/own/usr/interbase,
> it works! BUT : the system administrator forbid me to place anything
> in /usr
> path...
> So, here is my question : is there a specific file where I can define
> the
> INTERBASE variable in order to be used by gds_inet_server ?

In CS the server is started via inetd. I'm not sure if inetd supports
setting the environment variables for each child process, but it is
worth looking into. If it doesn't I can think of two more options:

1. Is inetd started by a startup script in AIX (forgive me here, I know
nothing about AIX). If so you should be able to set the environment
variable in the startup script before inetd launches. As long as it is
exported inetd should pass it to all child processes.

2. If that fails try changing the program inetd launches to a shell
that sets the INTERBASE variable and then launches the server. This can
all be done from within the inetd config file. I'm not sure this will
work, but it is worth a try as a last resort.