Subject Changing Installation path in AIX without making a link
I am installing Firebird CS 0.9.4 on a AIX 4.3 server.
As the Server is clustered, I have to install interbase in the path
/appli1/own/usr/interbase in place of /usr/interbase
We have changed the install script to reflect this new path and added
<<INTERBASE=/appli1/own/usr/interbase>> variable in /etc/profile,
/etc/dtprofile .... That works locally : I can open an isql
transaction. But
I cannot connect remotely from a Winnt workstation via inetd, getting
error : "cannot find password database".
When I create the link /usr/interbase pointing
to /appli1/own/usr/interbase,
it works! BUT : the system administrator forbid me to place anything
in /usr
So, here is my question : is there a specific file where I can define
INTERBASE variable in order to be used by gds_inet_server ?

Ignace Martin