Subject "Insufficient system resources" ?
Author Art Metz
We are trying to push our database past its current 70Gig maximum. On a
test machine, we set up a machine with 3 76Gig drives, 1/2 Gig of memory, 1
Gig of Virtual memory. We created a database (in 112 files) across all this

At just under 199Gig, the database dies and gives the BSoD. If I try to
connect to it using our program (Delphi/BDE), wISQL, or Server Manager, I
get an error message:

I/O error for file "F:\NAVCO\DB\NAVCO99.GDB"
Error while trying to access file
Insufficient system resources exist to complete
the requested service

Navco99.gdb is not the last file in the database, but it is the last file
with any data in it (1.4 Gig, actually).

We had a similar (possibly the same) problem in an earlier test, at the same
place. The Event Log indicated a possible problem with the disk, so we
replaced it and rebuilt the database. Since it has now happened on two
different disks, the disk seems to be an unlikely candidate. Could it be
the controller?

One of the frustrating things is, I can't tell WHAT the system resource is.
Memory? Temp disk space? File Handles? Back in the old DOS days there was
a limit on the number of files a process could open. Could NT have a
similar problem?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Art Metz