Subject Re: UDF and Int64

> use data type as number(18,0) ,
> IB will automatically use int64.
> IBO, IBX can understand int64.
> BDE doesnt support dialect 3 ( new data types).

Thanks, to use numeric(18,0) for DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION worked
But I don't know yet how to use it in Delphi, for writing an UDF. I'm
not talking about accessing interbase by IBO, IBX, etc. but I want to
write an UDF library like FreeUDF.

Can I declare in Delphi my UDF-function like

function MyUDF(var Value: Int64): Int64; cdecl; export;

Is the delphi Int64 the same as the Interbase Int64?

Thanks for any help!

Daniel Achermann

> Till now I couldn't find any documentation how I can pass an Int64
> datatype in an udf from delphi to interbase/firebird. Can anybody
> tell
> me,
> - if that's possible
> - how I have to declare the parameter in Delphi
> - and how I have to declare the function in interbase?