Subject Re: IB-support
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:51 PM 27-12-00 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Helen,
>I'm not posting in html. It's the newsgroup that resends you my email in
>this format. That's way I'm making a trial using your email address.
>>Which ODBC driver is this? Which vendor? Where did you get it?
>The ODBC vendor is the Easysoft and I downloaded them from the Easysoft's
>site. The platform is Windows 98.

In that case, your best bet is to post your problem to the Easysoft support
list. Given that Easysoft has made many bug-fixes available to their
registered users, it could be that you are looking at a bug that has been
fixed already.

The point I was trying to get to was to eliminate any special
characteristic of your database as a source of your truncation problem...

>>Well, perhaps you weren't looking at the stored data the first time.
>What does it mean? Using the navigation buttons on the form, after that
>one alters a record, the is equivalent to the commit.

That is only true if your inserts are being autocommitted - otherwise you
must take explicit control of the transaction and commit it yourself.

>Moreover I'm able to check the contents of certain fields of my DB by
>means of an external application, which always shows the changes I made.

If so, then your application is not refreshing the data
correctly. Definitely something to address to Easysoft.

>ps do I have to use your private address or should I better send my mails
>to the newsgroup?

It should be addressed to the list. It is not good etiquette to send
private emails unless you are invited to; and, generally, you are much
more likely to get a complete answer to your problem if there are many
pairs of eyes on it.


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