Subject Re: [ib-support] IBConsole
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:35 PM 27-12-00 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi everybody,
>does anyone know where to find a version of IBConsole that works? Or better
>how can I register a remote database on TCP/IP?

Add an entry to the HOSTS file on the client.

IP address Server Name

e.g., here is an excerpt from my HOSTS file: localhost coolduck COOL DUCK is the IP address of my "other" machine, which dual-boots to
Win98 or Linux. "coolduck" is the name of the Linux server, which hosts my
IB6 server, "COOL DUCK" is the name of the Win server, which hosts my 5.6

You NEED a server name for InterBase - connecting to the IP address works
sometimes but IB doesn't like it. The Network section of the Operations
Guide is quite specific about this.

>The Diagnose Connection
>command works perfectly, but as I try to make a registration, I receive the
>"Error logging into the requested server: Cannot attach to services manager
>Services functionality will be supported in a later version of the
>product". I downloaded the latest version from the Borland site.

This simply means you are trying to invoke a Services API function on a
server version that doesn't have the Services API, i.e. any database except
IB 6 SuperServer.

IB Console isn't the only ISQL tool. Take a look at The combination I use is IB_WISQL
and IBBackup (both free tools, both very stable) which gives me all the
desktop functionality I need, for all versions of IB, for all my databases
whether local or remote.


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