Subject Midas problem with app server
Author Ton Stegeman

We made a Midas application with Delphi 5. To create the application server,
we created a Remote DataModule with a TSession, a TDatabase and 40 TQueries
on it. The client connects to the server using a socketconnection.

We build this system on Interbase 5, which worked perfect. Yesterday we
changed to Interbase 6. Now we have a problem that seems to be a threading
problem. As soon as the second client tries to connect to the appserver, the
server hangs. With Interbase 6 server activity drops to zero. Using Firebird
0.9 we get a runtime error from the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library:
"abnormal program termination". This is raised by the application server.
After the message the application server is very busy, but at the client
nothing happens.

For the TDatabase at the Remote DataModule we use languagedriver "Borland
NLD Latin-1". When we make the parameter "LANGDRIVER" empty, the server
works fine, and there seems to be no problem, apart from the characters.

Anyone who can help us with this?

Ton Stegeman
Rovecom Agrisystems bv