Subject Re: [ib-support] Midas problem with app server
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:11 PM 22-12-00 +0100, you wrote:
>We made a Midas application with Delphi 5. To create the application server,
>we created a Remote DataModule with a TSession, a TDatabase and 40 TQueries
>on it. The client connects to the server using a socketconnection.
>We build this system on Interbase 5, which worked perfect. Yesterday we
>changed to Interbase 6. Now we have a problem that seems to be a threading
>problem. As soon as the second client tries to connect to the appserver, the
>server hangs. With Interbase 6 server activity drops to zero. Using Firebird
>0.9 we get a runtime error from the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library:
>"abnormal program termination". This is raised by the application server.
>After the message the application server is very busy, but at the client
>nothing happens.
>For the TDatabase at the Remote DataModule we use languagedriver "Borland
>NLD Latin-1". When we make the parameter "LANGDRIVER" empty, the server
>works fine, and there seems to be no problem, apart from the characters.

The BDE's IB driver doesn't support the InterBase 6 client. Some things
may work with Dialect 1; but for Dialect 3 there is no support for the new
data types.


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