Subject Re: FDB 0.7.0 released
Author mariuz
--- In, Pavel Cisar <pcisar@...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As promised, FDB initial release (0.7.0) is out:
> It's almost feature-complete (ready for 95% of users), but it could be
> still buggy (it's beta!), and the code wasn't optimized for size and
> speed. In all other ways it's ready for wide testing.
> What's missing:
> - Distributed transactions
> - ARRAY support
> - EVENTs support
> - Stream BLOBs
> - TRACE service
> - Documentation (but you can use KInterbasDB one as FDB is as close to
> it as possible).
> - Python 3.x support (haven't had time to test it, but it shouldn't be
> hard to make it work there)
> What's new since my last post here:
> - Support for stored procedures (proper one according to Python DB API,
> behaviour is the same as in KInterbasDB)
> - Prepared Statements. It works in exactly the same way as in
> KInterbasDB, i.e. you can use explicit PS via cursor.prep(), or use the
> internal PS cached for all statements executed via cursor.execute() - it
> will detect previously executed command and re-use prepared statement
> (cached per cursor instance!).
> - Fully implemented cursor.description attribute, i.e. including
> precision for DECIMAL/NUMERIC fields. Should now return the same results
> as KInterbasDB.
> - trans_info/transaction_info and db_info/database_info calls like in
> KInterbasDB.
> - Better object dependency and lifetime management, so Python memory GC
> should be much happier now. I modelled it as much as KDB does it as
> possible.
> Source code is also in Firebird Project's Subversion repository:
> (KInterbasDB source moved to
> Sorry for GIT/Mercurial etc. fans, but Firebird project uses only SVN
> for all its code (except old obsolete ones that are still in CVS) and it
> would be pointless to create another type of repository for such a small
> project. However, you're free to set up mirrors or local repositories on
> GIT or whatever :)
I will check with django if it works :)

It's not about the mirrors it's about the contributions , it's a lot easier to contribute to github/git and faster too :)

Anyway there not many contributors yet to kinterbase/fdb so i guess
svn should suffice , on cvs i think is only firebird documentation left