Subject FDB 0.7.0 released
Author Pavel Cisar
Hi all,

As promised, FDB initial release (0.7.0) is out:

It's almost feature-complete (ready for 95% of users), but it could be
still buggy (it's beta!), and the code wasn't optimized for size and
speed. In all other ways it's ready for wide testing.

What's missing:

- Distributed transactions
- ARRAY support
- EVENTs support
- Stream BLOBs
- TRACE service
- Documentation (but you can use KInterbasDB one as FDB is as close to
it as possible).
- Python 3.x support (haven't had time to test it, but it shouldn't be
hard to make it work there)

What's new since my last post here:

- Support for stored procedures (proper one according to Python DB API,
behaviour is the same as in KInterbasDB)
- Prepared Statements. It works in exactly the same way as in
KInterbasDB, i.e. you can use explicit PS via cursor.prep(), or use the
internal PS cached for all statements executed via cursor.execute() - it
will detect previously executed command and re-use prepared statement
(cached per cursor instance!).
- Fully implemented cursor.description attribute, i.e. including
precision for DECIMAL/NUMERIC fields. Should now return the same results
as KInterbasDB.
- trans_info/transaction_info and db_info/database_info calls like in
- Better object dependency and lifetime management, so Python memory GC
should be much happier now. I modelled it as much as KDB does it as

Source code is also in Firebird Project's Subversion repository:

(KInterbasDB source moved to

Sorry for GIT/Mercurial etc. fans, but Firebird project uses only SVN
for all its code (except old obsolete ones that are still in CVS) and it
would be pointless to create another type of repository for such a small
project. However, you're free to set up mirrors or local repositories on
GIT or whatever :)

Merry Christmas to all
Pavel Cisar