Subject Re: [firebird-python] fbclient.dll version conflict
Author Werner F. Bruhin

Thanks for the quick reply.

Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Werner F. Bruhin napsal(a):
>> A client of mine run into a version conflict with fbclient.dll.
>> I use the embedded version of FB and fbclient.dll (v2) is installed
>> in my application folder, another application installed FB server and
>> put an copy of fbclient.dll (v1.5) into "windows/system32".
>> Is there a way to pass to kinterbasdb an absolute path to force it to
>> load the copy in the the application folder?
>> I guess I could play around with the system path on Windows, but I do
>> not much like idea and would prefer to find another solution to
>> ensure that my application loads the 'dll' I provide with it.
>> Any hints would be very much appreciated.
> if you're using KInterbasDB 3.2 and newer, then it should find and load
> the "embedded" fbclient.dll if you'll put it to any from next locations:
> 1) current working directory
> 2) kinterbasdb installation directory
> 3) "embedded" subdirectory of kinterbasdb installation folder
> 4) directory of Python executable
That is strange, I am using Kinterbasdb 3.3 and when I put a
fbclient.dll into windows/system32 it is found and loaded, even so I
have one in my application folder which is also set as the cwd.

BTW, my application is frozen using py2exe and therefore kinterbasdb is
in "whatever install folder/prog/lib/", where the frozen exe
is in "whatever install folder/prog/", and the later is the working folder.

Could it be that the frozen folder structure is an issue?

What would be your recommendation to deal with this?