Subject Re: [firebird-php] ibase_blob_echo assistance plea
Author masotti
Hi Sakhi,

Il 26/05/2014 15:03, Sakhile Njoko sakhinjoko@... [firebird-php]
ha scritto:
> Hi everyone
> I asked for help with ibase_blob_echo a few weeks ago but nobody replied.

I've used ibase_blob_echo once some years ago and didn't noticed
anything strange at all (Apache on Ubuntu server, FB 2.5).

Btw, can you specify use and context, or add some code fragments,
expected behaviour and result obtained to try helping you?

I'd wait for info about Firebird server and client, php client version,
web server and host OS types and versions, use of international
characters codes (UTF-8 or so), code pages.

Just to start from somewhere, are you echoing images, text, code bits,
HTML... ?