Subject ibase_blob_echo assistance plea
Author Sakhile Njoko
Hi everyone

I asked for help with ibase_blob_echo a few weeks ago but nobody replied.

Could someone please help with why the blobs appear corrupt when I download them using ibase_blob_echo? I say appear because I am convinced they are not corrupt but if they are I would still need help on how to ensure they don't get corrupted when uploading them. I believe there is either an issue with ibase_blob_echo or I have to tweak my code, i.e. disregard some bytes or something like that, to be able to get the blob. As I said before, it works fine on some applications. I have absolutely no other issues with Firebird but if I cannot get this issue resolved in a week's time I might have to migrate to another solution, which would set me back tremendously as I have to go live with my system on August 4 this year. Besides, I love Firebird and cannot even contemplate using something else.

Somebody please help!