Subject Need help getting XAMPP, Firebird, and PHP working together
I am stalled in trying to get these three working together and would
appreciate some help. I have installed XAMPP 1.8.1 and have followed
the instructions here:
<> to
get Firebird installed and tested. The instructions are:

Firebird SQL 2.5 - Download Firebird 2.5 from:\
se/Firebird-> - Install Firebird in
directory <drive>:xamppFirebird - Choose "Full installation of
Server and development tools" - Choose this options: uncheck
"Use the Guardian to control the server?" "Run firebird
server as:" choose "Run as a Service?" uncheck "Start
Firebird automatically everytime you boot up?" uncheck "Install
Control Panel Applet?" uncheck "Copy Firebird client library to
<system> directory?" check "Generate client library as GDS32.DLL
for legacy app. suport?" - After installation finish: uncheck
"Start Firebird service now?" uncheck "After installation
– What Next?" - Finish install. - Copy fbclient.dll (problems
with php_interbase.dll!!) from: <drive>:xamppFirebirdbin to:
<drive>:xamppapachebin - Change <drive>:xamppphpphp.ini and uncomment
the lines: extension=php_interbase.dll - Create this lines in
<drive>:xampphtdocsxamppstatus.php below "line($TEXT['status-ssi'],
$ssi);": if
(file_exists("$partwampphtdocsxamppFirebirdTest.php")) { $a =
@file("http://{$hostauth}{$host}/xampp/FirebirdTest.php"); $fbi
= $a[0]; line("Firebird", $fbi); } - Create file
<drive>:xampphtdocsxamppFirebirdTest.php with this: <?php
ployee.fdb', `sysdba', `masterkey')) { echo
"OK"; } else { echo "NOK"; } ?>
The problem is that when I try to run the FirebirdTest.php program, it
stalls on the connect statement and never returns. I put an echo
statement before the connect and it executes OK.

Apache is running
I know that Firebird is running.
I can access the employee.FDB in the firebird examples with FlameRobin.

Any help would be appreciated

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