Subject Re: R: [firebird-php] Php interbase extension not working
Author Sakhile Njoko
I have not even gotten to check database access. I'm just struggling with the Firebird/Interbase extension to load in Php as Phpinfo() shows it is not loading.

From: Lester Caine <lester@...>
Sent: Monday, 14 May 2012, 13:02
Subject: Re: R: [firebird-php] Php interbase extension not working

Sakhile Njoko wrote:
> Sorry Tom for not indicating that. Yes I did. I even went to the extent of putting both fbclient.dll and php_interbase.dll in folders "C:\Program Files\PHP", "C:\Windows" and even "C:Windows\System32". I was doing that because it was not working.

Never having used '2003' I wonder if this isn't some security activity? I've had
fun recently with some of the widows client stuff not running because of McAfee
getting in the way, so are there any messages in the event log that might
identify the problem?

Can you run flamerobin on the machine to test the database access? Actually is
the database running on the same machine?

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