Subject Re: R: [firebird-php] Php interbase extension not working
Author Tom Conlon
Should have mentioned that it is using php
(as at one time php_win32service.dll was needed)

On 14 May 2012 12:30, Tom Conlon <tomconlon7@...> wrote:

> Hi Sakhile,
> Very odd.
> Have current deployments on Win Server 2003 and IMO it is usually very
> straightforward compared to other OS versions.
> As Lester mentioned, folder security could be something to look at +
> gds32.dll in windows\system32.
> I've just connected to a WS2003 site and it has the following:
> 1. Explicit entries in PATH to both the main php folder + php\ext folders
> 2. Firebird is installed on this machine.
> 3. gds32.dll (version in windows\system32
> 4. php_interbase.dll (version in ext folder
> It may have been mentioned before but if you haven't got a gds32.dll in
> windows\system32 you can take a copy of your fbclient.dll and rename it to
> gds32.dll before putting it there.
> Kind regards,
> Tom

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