Subject Re: R: [firebird-php] Php interbase extension not working
Author Tom Conlon
Hi Sakhile,

Very odd.

Have current deployments on Win Server 2003 and IMO it is usually very
straightforward compared to other OS versions.

As Lester mentioned, folder security could be something to look at +
gds32.dll in windows\system32.

I've just connected to a WS2003 site and it has the following:
1. Explicit entries in PATH to both the main php folder + php\ext folders
2. Firebird is installed on this machine.
3. gds32.dll (version in windows\system32
4. php_interbase.dll (version in ext folder

It may have been mentioned before but if you haven't got a gds32.dll in
windows\system32 you can take a copy of your fbclient.dll and rename it to
gds32.dll before putting it there.

Kind regards,

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