Subject Re: [firebird-php] Zend Framework
Author Tom Conlon
Hi Lester,

Yes, using it here but use ibase_query() type functions for db acess.

On 10 March 2012 09:57, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:

> **
> Anybody ACTUALLY using the Zend framework, other than because someone else
> thought it was a good idea?
> I've got piwik running nicely on PHP5.3, and it is giving all the data
> that is
> missing from Google analytics. Couple of my guys are finding that it is
> helping
> them track their customers a lot better. Damian is actually able to go and
> see
> what a customer viewed when he gets a 'contact' email and talk to the
> customer
> about it instantly!
> I've set up a new machine and thought I'd jump up to Apache2.4.1 with
> PHP5.4 in
> the process, and while the bitweaver based stuff ports happily, piwik just
> gives
> a seg fault crash and nothing in logs ... Trying to debug is proving a
> thankless
> task and I think now is the time to give up on it. So do I leave piwik
> running
> where it is at the moment or backpedal on the new machine to PHP5.3? I
> think
> I've got to go with the second option since I need to decommission the
> other
> machine at some point - it's costing double what it should so I need to
> end the
> contract and take out a new one at the current rate ... or a bigger
> machine at
> the same rate as the old box ... which is where I'm at.
> Nothing is easy is it ...
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