Subject Zend Framework
Author Lester Caine
Anybody ACTUALLY using the Zend framework, other than because someone else
thought it was a good idea?

I've got piwik running nicely on PHP5.3, and it is giving all the data that is
missing from Google analytics. Couple of my guys are finding that it is helping
them track their customers a lot better. Damian is actually able to go and see
what a customer viewed when he gets a 'contact' email and talk to the customer
about it instantly!

I've set up a new machine and thought I'd jump up to Apache2.4.1 with PHP5.4 in
the process, and while the bitweaver based stuff ports happily, piwik just gives
a seg fault crash and nothing in logs ... Trying to debug is proving a thankless
task and I think now is the time to give up on it. So do I leave piwik running
where it is at the moment or backpedal on the new machine to PHP5.3? I think
I've got to go with the second option since I need to decommission the other
machine at some point - it's costing double what it should so I need to end the
contract and take out a new one at the current rate ... or a bigger machine at
the same rate as the old box ... which is where I'm at.

Nothing is easy is it ...

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