Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Zend Framework and piwik ...
Author Lester Caine
p51b.mustang wrote:
> I may be interested, I have resisted modifying (fixing) FB in ZendX because if there was an upgrade to Zend and expecially integration of FB into properly I would be in a patch mode:-)

Made good progress so far. Not only is piwik storing site information nicely
from half a dozen of my sites, the user interface seems to be fairly functional
with just the odd error. Now to document what I've had to do to convert the
piwik code base :)

MAIN problem turned out to be the use of case sensitive field names and once I'd
reset them to all lower case .... along with the mod to Zend'd Firebird driver
to RETURN lower case field names, the bulk of the stuff just worked. Although I
still managed to miss one which took a little longer to spot.

The one thing I DO need to 'unbodge' is the data that MySQL was storing as
BINARY(8) fields. I've simply killed off the hex2bin and bin2hex so I get a
CHAR(16) field, but in theory I should be able to simply store as a BIGINT. I'm
not sure that it matters that much for visitor id's, and the ip address needs
extending to handle V6 anyway.

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