Subject Zend Framework and piwik ...
Author Lester Caine
Most of my sites are intranet, so I've not had to worry about 'google analytics'
mainly since I can just scan the apache logs for all the info I need, but James
has picked up another string to the bow, which involves a lot of third party
sites which we will be supporting. Currently the are all hooked up to 'GA', but
some of the things one would expect to do are not possible, so what are the
alternatives ...

piwik popped up, with the usual MySQL only but since it's based on Smarty2 it
looked interesting. Then of cause there is Zend Framework underneath it, with
PDO ... Yuck.

I've pulled the firebird driver out of ZendX and dropped it into the piwik tree,
and massaged things so that it handles most of the niggles not worried about
when looking at SQL compatibility, and then with a bit of hand massaging of the
database if now got a working database. So the next step is to make it live
tracking a couple of my own sites.

So next step is to push some of the changes back up the chain, which will be fun
since a number of the changes are not transparent. But is anybody else
interested in piwik on Firebird ... or even just the zend updates ...

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