Subject Re: Zend Framework and piwik ...
Author p51b.mustang
I may be interested, I have resisted modifying (fixing) FB in ZendX because if there was an upgrade to Zend and expecially integration of FB into properly I would be in a patch mode :-)

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@...> wrote:
> Most of my sites are intranet, so I've not had to worry about 'google analytics'
> mainly since I can just scan the apache logs for all the info I need, but James
> has picked up another string to the bow, which involves a lot of third party
> sites which we will be supporting. Currently the are all hooked up to 'GA', but
> some of the things one would expect to do are not possible, so what are the
> alternatives ...
> piwik popped up, with the usual MySQL only but since it's based on Smarty2 it
> looked interesting. Then of cause there is Zend Framework underneath it, with
> PDO ... Yuck.
> I've pulled the firebird driver out of ZendX and dropped it into the piwik tree,
> and massaged things so that it handles most of the niggles not worried about
> when looking at SQL compatibility, and then with a bit of hand massaging of the
> database if now got a working database. So the next step is to make it live
> tracking a couple of my own sites.
> So next step is to push some of the changes back up the chain, which will be fun
> since a number of the changes are not transparent. But is anybody else
> interested in piwik on Firebird ... or even just the zend updates ...
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