Subject Re: Firebird Extensions, CDE & PHP
Author Andre van Zuydam
Hi Everyone

I need some advice!

I've been working on Firebird and PHP for the past 8 years. I see a
possible need for having compiled versions of PHP / Firebird available for
people to download.

Is this something that is necessary, ie should I make compilations of php
extension available to the group / www to download for specific PHP versions
and Firebird versions ?

I would also like to introduce for comment / testing a library for PHP which
encapsulates the various database connectivity.

The primary goal of this library was to make porting of other databases /
web applications to Firebird an easier task. It supports translation for
instance between Firebird select first 1 and
MySQL of the sql statements.

Would anyone be interested in giving it a test to see if this project has
some potential or would be used in general for developers. It may even help
speed up your working process ?

Looking forward to your feedback

Yours sincerely

Andre van Zuydam
Spiceware Software (Pty) Ltd
Email: andre@...
Tel: +27 83 646 4535
Fax: +27 86 682 6944

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