Subject Re: [firebird-php] PDO extension
Author Lester Caine
fuentelucas wrote:
> The attached php file is a slightly altered version of code that works
> for sqlite3, but I can't get it work, i.e. insert a record, with
> Firebird2.1. I've tried a number of small variations in the code, but I
> think it may be linked to the 'bindParam' function, which I believe only
> works with the PDO extension. So basically my problems are as follows:
> 1. If the 'bindParam' function only works with the PDO extension, what
> is the corresponding 'normal' PHP function? I looked and searched in
> the online PHP manual, but to no avail.
> 2. I've tried to install the PDO extension on my system in order to use
> the 'bindParam' function, but without success. Any tips or suggestions
> as to where I've gone wrong would be appreciated.
> System details:
> Ubuntu 10.04
> Firebird2.1-super (
> PHP5 (5.3.2)
> Apache2 (2.2.14).

Those are all a little out of date, but should work ...
However most of us just use the php_interbase driver, and in my own ase I use
ADOdb to provide cross database support. This handles arrays of parameters going
into queries.

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