Subject PDO extension
Author fuentelucas
The attached php file is a slightly altered version of code that works
for sqlite3, but I can't get it work, i.e. insert a record, with
Firebird2.1. I've tried a number of small variations in the code, but I
think it may be linked to the 'bindParam' function, which I believe only
works with the PDO extension. So basically my problems are as follows:

1. If the 'bindParam' function only works with the PDO extension, what
is the corresponding 'normal' PHP function? I looked and searched in
the online PHP manual, but to no avail.

2. I've tried to install the PDO extension on my system in order to use
the 'bindParam' function, but without success. Any tips or suggestions
as to where I've gone wrong would be appreciated.

System details:
Ubuntu 10.04
Firebird2.1-super (
PHP5 (5.3.2)
Apache2 (2.2.14).

Thanks in advance,