Subject PDO extension
Author John & Carole
I've attempted to load the above (for a firebird2.1 & PHP5.3.2
combination running on ubuntu 10.04), but I'm unable to peraude it to
work. While the following code opens the database:

$dbh = ibase_connect($str_conn, "firebird", "******", "UTF8");

this does not:

$dbh = new PDO($str_conn, "firebird", "******", "UTF8");

'php -i | grep PDO' (without quotes) produces the following:

PHP Warning: Module 'PDO_Firebird' already loaded in Unknown on line 0
PDO support => enabled
PDO drivers => firebird, odbc, sqlite, sqlite2
PDO Driver for Firebird/InterBase => enabled
PDO Driver for ODBC (unixODBC) => enabled
PDO Driver for SQLite 3.x => enabled

Any clues or suggestions would be appreciated.