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Author Peter Gore
Thanks for the replies.

I do not have a section called Interbase in the resultinh phpinfo display

Php.ini does not have a line extension=php_interbase.dll with or without a leading “;”

When I add this line to the [interbase] section of the php.ini file and run http://localhost/phpinfo.php i get the following error

The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly

I do have GDS32.DLL in the system32 folder – its the one that is deployed with Firebird 2.5


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Hi Peter,

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Da: peter@... <> Is there a basic idiots guide that I can
use to configure php/codeigniter with Firebird?regards

Besides suggestions from Lester, who writes faster than me, I'd also check

First: copy this simple script in your web server root directory as phpinfo.


and launch from browser http://localhost/phpinfo.php
If you find a section called "Interbase" then you have correctly installed and
configured php_interbase.dll else you must check php.ini and remove a comment
character (';') before the line:

Second: check for correct firebird client.
php_interbase.dll search for GDS32.DLL installed in system if not compiled
with proper switches, so you must check if in your system directory there is
GDS32.DLL from firebird (and not the one from Interbase!)

Third: if you're using RadPHP or Delphi for PHP, check in the directories
where it is installed to remove/rename all occurrences of GDS32.DLL (that are
the Interbases's ones).


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