Subject Re: R: [firebird-php] Basic Newby question
Author Umberto Masotti
Hi Lester,

On 06/11/2010 10:20, Lester Caine wrote:
> u.masotti@... wrote:
>> If you find a section called "Interbase" then you have correctly installed and
>> configured php_interbase.dll else you must check php.ini and remove a comment
>> character (';') before the line:
>> extension=php_interbase.dll
> It's PHP5.3.3 ... php_interbase is missing from the windows distribution
> altogether :(

Yes. It's windows and php_interbae.dll it's not in package, but Peter
says that he downloaded and added it in his \ext directory. So a check
would be helpful...

> Not quite sure yet what Pierre will include with it when 5.3.4 appears, but
> hopefully there will NOT be a client library included and we can simply use the
> one provided by either Interbase ( if one is still paying for it :) ) or
> Firebird. No point in reiterating why the driver is missing, but suffice to say
> that there will NOT now be separate builds of the driver for each version of the
> client dll ...