Subject Re: R: [firebird-php] Basic Newby question
Author Lester Caine
u.masotti@... wrote:
> If you find a section called "Interbase" then you have correctly installed and
> configured php_interbase.dll else you must check php.ini and remove a comment
> character (';') before the line:
> extension=php_interbase.dll

It's PHP5.3.3 ... php_interbase is missing from the windows distribution
altogether :(

Not quite sure yet what Pierre will include with it when 5.3.4 appears, but
hopefully there will NOT be a client library included and we can simply use the
one provided by either Interbase ( if one is still paying for it :) ) or
Firebird. No point in reiterating why the driver is missing, but suffice to say
that there will NOT now be separate builds of the driver for each version of the
client dll ...

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