Subject Re: [firebird-php] Problems with PHP 5.3.3 on Gentoo Linux
Author John vd Waeter

I know about zero of php and the way it uses ibase drivers.

But I have one experience with segmentation-fault.
It happened when I used FileZilla to copy some files from
one machine to another.
Filezilla treated some files as ASCII and hence every byte in the file
had its MSB reset to zero.

And everytime I started to use the file (an linux elf-executable) it
shouted at me: segmentation fault!

It was only after comparing files from one computer (where everything
worked fine) with this computer that I saw two supposed to be identical
files where not identical. A reupload with Filezilla, forced to binary
modus, solved the problem.

php uses the ibase module when you access a FB service, so if the former
is the case, maybe check your ibase modules?

Oh well, just to rule out a possible problem...


On 17-10-2010 16:26, Matthias Hanft wrote:
> Hello,
> I just upgraded PHP from 5.2.xx (xx=12 or 14, don't remember exactly)
> to 5.3.3-r1. After restarting Apache, it crashed every time ("Segmentation
> Fault") when database access ("ibase_connect") was performed (web page
> was empty, no error messages at all, even when using E_ALL in PHP -
> can I force any descriptive error messages somehow?!).
> I could downgrade again to PHP 5.2.14, and now all is working fine again,
> but there is a couple of things I don't understand:
> - is there a significant difference between PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x concerning
> the ibase_... functions?
> - in Gentoo Linux, there is a USE flag "interbase" for PHP. When set,
> the "emerge" installer says "there is no ebuild to satisfy PHP-5.3.3-r1".
> When not set, PHP compiles, and with PHP 5.2.x, the ibase_... functions
> work (why? it's compiled without "interbase"!), with PHP 5.3.x, they don't.
> Beside the "ibase_..." functions, I use the adodb functions as well, but
> they seem to use the "ibase" functions internally too; so I guess it's
> sufficient to concentrate on the ibase functions.
> Now I'm completely confused - those are the things when a swap from Firebird
> to mySQL comes to my mind; I guess that's far more easier to install and
> maintain!
> Any clue what goes wrong with PHP 5.3.3?
> Thank you!
> -Matt
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