Subject Problems with PHP 5.3.3 on Gentoo Linux
Author Matthias Hanft

I just upgraded PHP from 5.2.xx (xx=12 or 14, don't remember exactly)
to 5.3.3-r1. After restarting Apache, it crashed every time ("Segmentation
Fault") when database access ("ibase_connect") was performed (web page
was empty, no error messages at all, even when using E_ALL in PHP -
can I force any descriptive error messages somehow?!).

I could downgrade again to PHP 5.2.14, and now all is working fine again,
but there is a couple of things I don't understand:
- is there a significant difference between PHP 5.2.x and 5.3.x concerning
the ibase_... functions?
- in Gentoo Linux, there is a USE flag "interbase" for PHP. When set,
the "emerge" installer says "there is no ebuild to satisfy PHP-5.3.3-r1".
When not set, PHP compiles, and with PHP 5.2.x, the ibase_... functions
work (why? it's compiled without "interbase"!), with PHP 5.3.x, they don't.

Beside the "ibase_..." functions, I use the adodb functions as well, but
they seem to use the "ibase" functions internally too; so I guess it's
sufficient to concentrate on the ibase functions.

Now I'm completely confused - those are the things when a swap from Firebird
to mySQL comes to my mind; I guess that's far more easier to install and

Any clue what goes wrong with PHP 5.3.3?

Thank you!


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