Subject Some questions about php_interbase.dll
Author Oscar DarĂ­o Perdiguero

I'm a developer new to php + firebird but not to firebird. I'm using
this from IB 4.0 but with delphi and I want to reach similar
functionality in php. To do this I have some ideas to expand
functionality into php_interbase.dll (or may be create a php_firebird.dll).

My goal is to create all the necesary functions to public the full API
from firebird to php and create some functions of higer level that
simplify some repetitive tasks.

I have some questions about it:

1) Is this posible?

2) Where can I get the source codes?

3) Is any body working on it?

4) Is another similar project on going?

5) I'm C++ Builder and Delphi Programer and I'd like to know if it is
possible to compile using this?

Thank you all.