Subject Re: [firebird-php] PDO driver
Author Lester Caine
Andre van Zuydam wrote:
> I've run the PDO tests on firebird, there is much that still doesn't
> work. In my opinion I would not use Firebird PDO for production things
> as of yet.

I've stripped PDO form that project ;)
Everything is working nicely on firebird with ADOdb, and in theory I
should just be able to switch to any other database.

My main problem with PDO was actually the error handling. As soon as I
had started the switch over, there were sensible error messages telling
me exactly what was wrong. With the PDO code - white screens - no logs -
and having to ad try/catch everywhere to try and debug.

Switch of the core stuff to the ADOdb wrapper from bitweaver took about
4 hours, and I'm just tidying loose ends now!

> I think we should create a metadata sample for Firebird, which anyone
> can download, with populated data to enable testing of different
> functionality.
> I would be happy to make the database metadata, so I am calling for some
> ideas as to what should be in the database.
> Some of the obvious things - but will have to be elaborated on
> * Different Numeric Types
> * Computed Fields
> * Views
> * Generators
> * Stored Procedures
> * BLOBS - different types ?
> Let me know your thoughts.

A good starting point IS the ibtest.php program. That covers a lot of
things, and the PDO driver MUST produce the same results ;)

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