Subject Fedora 11 Notes
Author Lester Caine

Note - I'm not sure if this is just different from RHEL when it comes to
Firebird - Is the /opt/firebird reference in a mistake?

I've moved almost everything to the Fedora machine, and am a lot more
'comfortable' than I've been for some time, but I think this may simply
be that Gnome is set up with a more 'old school' style which is working
for me. I may even run with 'evolution' for the email stuff ... it seems
to have mirrored the 9Gb without any problems so seamonkey my be retired
to just ramian on the backup windows box!

The only problem I have had is with the graphics setup on Fedora. I
can't get the high res graphics cards to run, and I've not worked out
yet where the display setings are stored ... it's not updating xorg.conf
when I have the second screen enabled ... but it's working, just at a
lower resolution than I'm used to :) Something to investigate later when
I strip the SUSE machine and convert it.

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