Subject PDO creep
Author Lester Caine
It seems increasingly that projects are moving to using PDO, but there seems
to be a major misunderstanding of that that provides. One project I use on a
hobby basis has just 'improved its cross db support' by pulling out peardb and
replacing it with PDO, but with the original setup I simply dropped ADOdb on
top of peardb and a have a working firebird setup. With the new setup, they
have added 'wrappers' for both MySQl and Postgres and one has to hand build
the datadict type stuff for each db. To add a Firebird will involve a major
amount of work even assuming the PDO driver actually works :( In practice I'm
simply going to replace PDO with ADOdb but since I have a working older
version it's not going to happen quickly.

Other projects are looking to strip out ADOdb 'as PDO replaces it', but on
closer inspection, the only reason they can do that is because that are
actually dropping cross db support at the same time. tikiwiki was running on
Firebird nicely before I moved over to tikipro/bitweaver becasue of it's
proper modular approach. Since I stopped keeping up with the tikiwiki code it
would seem that even postgres compatibility has been lost, so that in reality
if only mow supports MySQL.

Anybody else finding this pervasive creep that is destroying proper cross
platform support? More important has anybody found any 'misleading' articles
that push the myth that PDO is a complete cross db solution - while in reality
is does nothing to provide database abstraction?

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