Subject Re: [firebird-php] Current problems with PHP5.3 testing
Author masotti
Hi Lester,

Lester Caine ha scritto:
> Does anybody here have a framework in which they CAN compile a copy of
> php_interbase.dll?
Maybe my Visual Studio has some configuration problems or has somewhat
corrupted: I've tried a little to build with scripts and with IDE with
no luck.
See if you see anything wrong in my steps. Anyway I try to go further in
this afternoon.
My VM (XP SP3 on Xubuntu guest) has C:\ almost full, and to expand it
isn't fast, so many programs (VC6 too) are installed in another drive,
hope this isn't a problem.
I downloaded sources (.zip) for VC6 and unzipped in G:\PHP-5.3RC2.0.
Downloaded bison for windows (.msi) and installed it in
"G:\Programmi\GNU...". As usual, installation doesn't update PATH so did
by hand.

configure --with-interbase=shared,C:\Programmi\Firebird\Firebird_1_5
blocked initially because did not find cl.exe (added to PATH) and his
.dll (maybe not the right thing to do, but copied it in SYSTEM32).

Blocked because doesn't find <ioctl.h> (?)
Maybe it's only missing a system var, but then tried IDE.

Loaded project for all expansion, and tried to build only php-intebase.
It is blocked because doesn't find <ibase.h>.
Tried copying them in ext\interbase but didn't solved.
Project options, in the search for header files directory list, has
..\...\..\php-build\Firebird SDK\include.
Tried to create that dir in G: root with requested files (ibase.h and
iberror.h) but that error remain.

I can create a new VM with all in C:\, but that takes a while; or (may
be better) clone and expand C: and reinstall a clean VC6 in it.
I am not an experienced VC6 programmer, only a basic IDE user. Suggestion?