Subject Re: [PHP-DEV] Current problems with PHP5.3 testing
Author Lester Caine
Pierre Joye wrote:
>> If it does not please can you let us know where it is failing?
>> THAT is all we are asking to be included in the windows builds, and it
>> complies and works fine in Linux with existing Linux clients ...
> I said "clients" not the extension.

That was my point ... If the extension is compiling then why is it not
included in PHP5.3?

> Sorry, not going to begin this discussion again, please check the
> archives (internals and firebird-php).
> Please do not use whole words/sentences uppercased, I'm old but I can
> read normal texts.

There is absolutely no reason to exclude php_interbase.dll from the
current builds of windows PHP. That is entirely your decision, and one
that can not be justified!

The client that has been included with PHP up until now has always been
one from an Interbase build, and if any client is included then it has
to be that since the extension is still called php_interbase ...

Firebird clients have - up until now - been used where we need to
connect to Firebird, and in PHP5.2.x php_interbase.dll + the correct
client for version of Firebird you wish to target works. Some people are
still running FB1.5 and so will not want a later client on the system,
so all that is needed is a copy of the extension as currently supplied
with PHP5.2.x .....

If there is now a reason some legitimate reason to split the extension
to provide a php_firebird and include a related Firebird client with PHP
please can we have that discussion, but at present there is nothing we
are asking for that requires that split?

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