Subject Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author Lester Caine
marius adrian popa wrote:
> I run my remote programs from servers (start the flamerobin over the
> ssh X forwarded connection)
> so you can do some tunnels too for example i do an putty tunnel from
> my home computer to firewall
> and when i connect to my localhost port 305x it will be forwarded to
> remote server inside firewall 192.168.x.x port 3050 and that over ssh
> tunnel

Which is fine when you have access to the remote server and firewall.
But unfortunately most of my customers machines are inside secure VPN
access where often even the IT department don't know how it works, so
all you get is a local windows desktop and no install permission. I've
been lucky so far in that VNC of some sort is available on all of them,
and most provided a browser with internet connection so I can upload and
download files, but even THAT is blocked on a few sites. They have to be
transferred via the IT department :(

Life can be a pain when dealing with these 'IT Professionals' ;)

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