Subject Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> Being able to log into the windows servers via VNC works
>> well, but there is not an equivalent 'system level' facility for Linux :(
> Sure there is.
> - to login into a running X session start x11vnc or x0rfbserver program
> (it depends which one is available for your distro) from withing a
> running X11 session you wish to attach to (you can, for example, add
> this to ~/.kde/startup if you use KDE) and your can connect with any VNC
> client (I prefer TightVNC)

That is not the SAME. Since you have to have Linux logged in to a
session to start x0rfbserver. TightVNC on windows simply allows you THEN
to log in ...
Problem I'm having on recent Mandriva builds is to get x0rfbserver
running, since they have some other service locking display 0 and
preventing it starting, but their 'remote desktop' which is doing the
locking will not run from the start up menu - you have to start it
manually as it is a 'security risk' :(

> - to login into a separate X session, just start some vncserver as a
> system daemon (once again, I prefer TightVNC, but there are others as well.)

The problem with this one is that the session running on display 0 tends
to lock access to the package manager and so you can't pigging update.

> But, I guess we're going way off-topic here now.

Only a little bit - Configuring a nice reliable FLAP server is quite
important ?

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