Subject Linux server platform
Author Lester Caine
I need to go back a step and sort out a reliable platform to put LAFP on!

The Mandriva platform - in my opinion - is becoming something of a mess,
although the problem seems to be as much with KDE4 eye-candy as anything
fundamental in the kernel. Other distributions seem to be heading down
the same black hole, and I think until the graphics platform becomes as
stable as it was with KDE3.5 we are having the same problems on Linux as
Vista provides on Windows. Being old school, I tend to drop into 'su'
probably more often than I should, and that simply does not work
reliably in Mandriva 2009.0. One tends to be on the machine to
administer the servers - view and delete logs - and the like, something
that is impossible as a normal user?

BUT - I don't NEED a fancy graphics environment on the LAFP machines,
text based is probably more than adaquate, although a simple windows
manager that works via VNC would be useful for the 'IT Professionals'
who need occasional access from their windows based support network.

I've just upgraded a Mandriva2007Spring system, and have had to put
SUSE10.3 on the new machine as the later Mandriva builds have broken
even more bit's. The machine on site had a few niggles which are now
simply non functional on 2009.0! ( You can't actually VNC a 2009.0
machine from Windows :( And the bug was logged in 2008.0 and has not
been fixed! )

So can anybody recommend a linux distribution that is more suitable as
the base for a LAFP installation? I'm probably looking for something
that would be run via SSH and fish:// and then give the 'IT
Professionals' extra tools via PHP and supply WinSCP to replace VNC?
I've got SUSE10.3 running in that mode on a dedicated server at 1&1 so I
am at least learning the hard way what I need :)

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