Subject RE: Re: Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author Gary T. Benner

Hi all,

At 18:13 on 24/04/2009 Kurt wrote
>Hi, Gary. I sense a Distro Holy War

I hope people don't see my comments stoking THAT fire. I just wanted to report what *I* found to be a good solution(s).

The essence is that LINUX is a great platform for Firebird, and which distro you use is not really ( well hopefully not ) the point. So much depends upon what you are already used to, and what support you have ready access to. For me it was friends and colleagues who took the time to help me through the process of exiting the cult of MS Windows. <g> At that time for me it was Red Hat, so that has been my comfort zone. We all have them!!

kind regards

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