Subject Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author Lester Caine
Gary T. Benner wrote:
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> HI all,
> At 16:49 on 24/04/2009 Kurt wrote
>> I tried RHEL, and RHEL was solid, but much more difficult to get up and going than U-LTS. I tried SUSE and found its packages to be sorely out of date, meaning I had to compile from source almost everything installed; it was time consuming compared to "apt-get install..."

The SUSE 10.3 on my remote main server - with SSH only access is fairly
up to date, but since all I need IS Firebird, Apache and PHP it's not
difficult to manage it. But I have had to open a port to Firebird so I
can run FlameRobin locally which is perhaps a security hole :(
That would work on site IF I can find a 'windows friendly' way of
managing it. Being able to log into the windows servers via VNC works
well, but there is not an equivalent 'system level' facility for Linux :(

> I guess it depends upon what you're familiar with. I've been using Red Hat since version 5 ( ~1998 ), and now use Centos. While each platform has it's issues, my advice is get to know your ( Linux ) platform well first. Then the rest just falls into place.

I think my problem has been that what I AM used to is not actually
working, and many years of working one way ( I still have the UniPlus
System 5 Manuals on the shelf besides me :( ) changing to another way is
simply annoying. Simple little things like <Ctrl>C/<ctrl>V cut and paste
which have in the past always simply worked - on new Linux desktops they
don't any longer - need <shift> in some places ... and have to right
click in others.

> For newbies looking to decide which platform to work with, if you want a GUI then Ubuntu is in my experience the best. If you want a production server using only an SSH interface then all I can say is that my experience with Centos / RHEL has been very good. It has excellent support ( paid for if you wish ) and is stable.
> kind regards

I think THAT is what prompted the original question. Ubuntu LTS is
looking reasonable at the moment and perhaps I'll write some beginners
guide notes based on that. I HAVE to do a user guide for customers who
need to build a replacement/additional machine from scratch and it was
looking at the hacks to get what I have working that forced a proper
rethink :)

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