Subject Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author Lester Caine
Philippe Makowski wrote:
> Lester Caine [09-04-23 09.40] :
>> I need to go back a step and sort out a reliable platform to put LAFP on!
> ...
> First don't misunderstand what the distro are
> Mandriva, Open-Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora are not suitable for server
> they don't have long term support, and they are in fact experimental distro for others one.

In the past I used SUSE for both server and workstation, and things were
stable. Moving to Madriva was undertaken when Novell started muddying
the waters with SUSE distributions. The main problem I've been having is
with new hardware, such as the quad core AMD processors, and 'modern'
graphics cards, which even in text mode stop the older distributions
installing :( So while the 'experimental' stuff is a pain, the lack of
that support in the 'long term' versions is much more of a problem!

Part of the problem I have is that these machines are inside firewalls
that prevent ssh or direct access, so I need to be able to VNC in to the
server from a windows remote desktop provided by the customers IT
department. It was the failure of this route that caused the initial
need to change installation base and on the whole I can sort that side out.

> For Server, IMHO the only that are reliable are :
> Debian, Ubuntu LTS, Mandriva Enterprise Server (MES), CentOs, RHEL
> Some others may be also a good choice : Gentoo, Slackware.

Debian and MES would not even start on my hardware
Ubuntu LTS is currently downloading, along with Xubuntu so I'll have a
play with them over the weekend ;)

> about packages in those distro :
> Debian, Ubuntu LTS, MES are ok
> CentOs, RHEL : I'm working on it
> Gentoo no problem since you build everything ;)
> Slackware I don't know enough to say

I'm planning a cross reference to all the key bits between different
distributions apache/httpd php/php5 opt/usr and so on - I may as well
document all this stuff in passing!

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