Subject Need Help In First Firebird-PHP application
Author raja_s_patil

I am Trying to have my First web application with Firebird and PHP.
Server is Ubuntu. installed PHP 5 and apache From Repositories.
Got adodb from its web site and extracted zip in /var/www/adodb5.

First Test.php is as follows.


$db = ADONewConnection('firebird');
$db->debug = true;
$db->Connect( 'localhost', 'SYSDBA', 'masterkey', '/FB_DEV/FB_DATA/Data/BOSS_FB2_ANagar.GDB' );
$rs = $db->Execute('select * from stations');

print "<pre>";
print "</pre>";

invoked with firefox "localhost/test.php". it slammed a error

localhost: Missing extension for ibase
(firebird): select * from stations
Fatal error: Call to undefined function ibase_query() in /var/www/adodb5/drivers/ on line 366

what shall do ? Can somebody guide me ?

Thanks and best regards