Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Need Help for Firebird 2.1 PDO driver on Ubuntu 8.04.1
Author Lester Caine
raja_s_patil wrote:
> BTW i could not make out anything this time of post about
> bitweaver. My inexperience in web applications is hurdle, I think.
> Similarly I could not devote much time to that. Anyways
> i keep in mind about that comeback to it after i finish
> evaluating PDO and adodb. I found a package for adodb in
> ubuntu repository so also for PDO. So installation problem
> is now solved but I am getting latest version from web site
> and going try with that also.

I'm now using bitweaver as a wrapper for all my web based stuff. It
provides all the base user management, editing, security and much more,
and I can add packages for my own facilities ...
As long as you follow the rules, a new packages should run on any of the
list of databases supported by ADOdb - which is most of the ones
currently available.
I use the wiki and image gallery for the on-line help and customer
support which you can find here

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